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xoscope is a digital oscilloscope for Linux!

2016 Sep 16: Version 2.2 is released

Version 2.2 is mostly a bug fix release that also introduces support for AppStream.

Version 2.1 introduced ALSA support (thanks to Gerhard Schiller) and reintroduced the math functions that were removed in the 2.0 release. Bitscope and Probescope support were permanently dropped.

Version 2.x is based on GTK+ 2 and runs exclusively on UN*X and X Windows. Our older version 1.x, no longer developed, supported MS-DOS and direct SVGA output.

Download the latest version here: xoscope-2.2.tar.gz.

More Information

Wikipedia has a nice Oscilloscope article

For an excellent 60-page introduction to oscilloscopes, check out The XYZs of Oscilloscopes at Tektronix.

Tim Witham designed a buffer circuit to connect oscilloscope probes to a PC's soundcard.

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xoscope is released under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.

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